This letter serves to confirm that ALISER S.A. DE C.V. has provided us unlike any other in the world.

It is our belief as a resort and company that true world class status is achieved only when a hotel or resor combines the values and traditions of its host community with exceptional service, a luxury product and incredible attention to detail.

It is our at most importance for us to select partners and providers of services such as ALISER Import Export to assist us to elevate our services and allow us to be recognized as one the top 5 resorts in the world.

The service support and attention to detail we reveive from ALISER Import Export has been instrumental, never on any occasion have they not fulfilled the objective given to them by us.

I highly recommend the services of ALISER Import Export to any client as an organization that understands service and quality.

Luis Fernandes
Chief Operating Officer
Ty Warner Hotels & Resorts, LLC